Hillsborough Basketball League - Somerset, NJ

Central Jersey Junior Basketball League

Meeting Notes- 2/18/15

HMS- 6:00 PM (room D1)


  • Attendance- 22 members of the league were present.  All schools were represented at the meeting except Long Hill, Manville, & Somerville. 
  • All-Conference Certificates- Certificates were made available to any coach or AD who wanted to recognize a student-athlete for their accomplishments this past season. 
  • Agenda/Schedule/Transaction Report- Schedules were available for the 15-16 season.  The transaction report was reviewed.  The account balance at the end of the 14-15 season is $3,401.90.
  • League Dues for 15-16- The league dues will reduce from $300 to $150 per school.  Host sites in the playoffs will pay for officials and workers for all rounds except the finals.  The league will finance the cost of officials and workers for the championship round.  There will no longer be a $300 allotment given to the Tournament of Champions winner as a result of the league entry fee reduction.  If the game is played, the host site will pay for the officials and workers.  The league will continue to assign officials for the entire playoffs.   Checks should NO LONGER be sent to John Ciccarone at HMS.  Information will be sent out once it’s been determined who will be controlling the money next year. 
  • Championship Games- A special thank you was given to the host sites for the finals...Green Brook for the Eastern Division and JP Case for the Western Division.  Things ran smoothly at both sites.  Congratulations to the champions…Long Hill & Summit...boys divisions; Bound Brook & Franklin...girls divisions.  Franklin won a Tournament of Champions game vs. Bound Brook.  The boy’s winners did not play because a common date couldn’t be reached. 
  • Trophies- $825 was spent on trophies this year.  This cannot happen again.  There was confusion as to whether the tournament champion trophy was going to be rotated.  It was resolved but two-column trophies that schools get to keep will be purchased for the 15-16 season.    
  • Website- Schools did a great job entering game results in a timely manner.  A reminder to check the How To Page was made especially when adding/deleting coaches and retrieving lost passwords.
  • New President of the CJJBL- John Ciccarone is stepping down from his role with the CJJBL.  Nobody volunteered to take over.  Discussions about multiple members of the league sharing the responsibilities took place.  Nothing has been finalized.  John will follow up with league members to hopefully finalize a new leadership committee next year. 
  • Officiating- A brief discussion took place about the inconsistency of officials.  One member voiced concern over the three-man officiating crews for the finals.  We will go back to a two-man crew next year for the finals.
  • Warm-Ups- A concern was raised that not enough time was provided for warm-ups before a game.  Coaches and Athletic Directors are in charge…not officials.  Coaches must advocate for their athletes to get at least 10 minutes to warm-up.  The officials work for schools and Jack Baum has to be notified if an official does not grant a sufficient warm-up.  
  • Finals- Bridgewater-Raritan will host the Western Finals while Valley View will host the Eastern Finals for the 15-16 season. 
  • Tournament of Champions- After a discussion on this topic, it was agreed upon that the Tournament of Champions will remain optional for next year. 
  • Realignment- After discussing realignment, it’s been determined to keep the structure of both divisions the same.  There was not enough interest from schools to realign at this time.  One idea discussed for the future is to recruit four new schools and make three divisions of eight teams.  Playoffs would occur similar to our system with a champion being declared in each division.  The finalists in each division would be eligible for a Tournament of Champions similar to the way the NJSIAA does it in high school (6 teams total).  It’s recommended to put together a Realignment Committee at some point in the future and to appoint a chairperson to run it. 
  • Schedules- The schedules were distributed to each school.  The Eastern Division will have an 18 game schedule while the Western Division will have a 16 game schedule.  If any games on the schedule don’t work, it’s up to each school to contact their opponent to reschedule.  Due to the lack of participation and a glitch on the website, we are eliminating the task of each school posting their home divisional games under the CALENDAR section of the website.  The last day of the season will not be extended under any circumstances.  Lastly, if schools know dates that don’t work now, every effort must be made to request changes now.  Waiting until November puts a burden on schools as they have to shuffle gym usage amongst other teams and recreation programs.
  • Important Dates for 2015-2016 Season:

Tuesday, December 1st  

Opening day of regular season for the Eastern Division

Wednesday, December 2nd

Opening day of the regular season for the Western Division

Tuesday, January 26th               

Final day of regular season...no regular season games will count past this date regardless of postponements caused by snow. 

Thursday, January 28th  

Play-In Round for the Eastern & Western Division

Eastern Division:

#10 seed @#7 seed (girl’s & boy’s divisions)

#9 seed @#8 seed (girl’s & boy’s divisions)

Western Division

#10 seed @#7 seed (girl’s & boy’s divisions)

#9 seed @#8 seed (girl’s & boy’s divisions)

*Re-seeding will occur after every round in the playoffs.

Monday, February 1st               

Girl’s playoffs- Quarterfinals

Lowest seed remaining @#1 seed

Next lowest seed remaining @#2 seed

#6 seed @#3 seed

#5 seed @#4 seed

Tuesday, February 2nd

Boy’s playoffs- Quarterfinals

(same as above)

Wednesday, February 3rd                      

Girl’s playoffs- Semifinal round

(from remaining teams)

Lowest seed @Highest seed

Next lowest seed @next highest seed

Thursday, February 4th

Boy’s playoffs- Semifinal round

(same as above)

Wednesday, February 10th

Finals: Girl’s game- 5:00 PM; Boy’s game- 7:00 PM

Western Division Host- Bridgewater-Raritan Middle School

Eastern Division Host- Valley View Middle School

(higher seed wears light uniform/lower seed wears dark uniform)

Thursday, February 11th           

Finals- Snow Date

Friday, February 12th

Tournament of Champions

Site & Start Time- TBD (team with highest winning % during the regular season has right to host)

*Not mandatory; must be agreed on by both champions; date can change if both schools agree

Wednesday, February 17th        

League Meeting...each school must be represented

6:00 PM start

Location- TBD

*Food & drinks will be provided.

*The higher seed will host the play-in, quarterfinal, and semifinal rounds.

**For the entire playoffs, the league will assign officials. The host school will pay for the 2 officials, 1 scorekeeper, and 1 crowd control person during all rounds except the finals. 

***It’s important for each school to pencil in their calendar the possibility of hosting/traveling on each of the days listed above for the playoff schedule.  Reserving gyms and securing busses are crucial to ensure that games get played on the dates established above.