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Next Meeting Date: 2/15/2018 | Time: 4:30 PM | Location: Bridgewater Middle School

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With the season starting next week please remember that the WINNING team should enter the score on the website.  Please do so within 24 hours so the standings stay current.  Also the home team should supply water and balls to the visiting team.  
Lastly,  if you have not sent your dues to Dave Gordon please do so ASAP.  
Good luck to all teams this year and we are looking forward to a successful season!!!! 

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AD Courtney Tierney, Cedar Hill Prep
Location for home games will now be at The Pillar of Fire Gym
Zarephath Church, 10 Chapel Dr.  Zarephath, NJ 08890 

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2017-18 Alignment for CJJBL Teams
JP Case Summit Green Brook Cedar Hill Prep
Hillsborough Ridge Bound Brook Bedminster
Bridgewater Warren DunellenManville
Readington Branchburg Valley View Deerfield
Franklin Clinton Long Hill South Hunterdon
Montgomery North Plainfield Middlesex Somerville
Teams play everyone in their division twice, and then cross over to one other division to play teams once.  Total of 16 games for regular season.

A plays B C plays D
2 divisions for playoffs.  Championship hosts: BW and Greenbrook 

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Congratulations to the Western and Eastern Champs !
In the Eastern division match up,  Middlesex girls won the championship over Bound Brook, 43-37.
                                                      Warren boys beat Longhill 59-34.  
Branchburg girls won the regular season crown going 18-2.
Long Hill boys won their regular season going 20-2.   
In the Western Division,  
Coach Harris' Franklin boys over came loosing 2 starters during the season to get to the finals.  Montgomery beat Franklin in a close game. 
 Congrats to Pete's crew this year going 20-1 and winning the regular season.  
The Girl's showdown was a battle down to the last second as Readington beat Case 36-34.   One of the best coached games I have seen this year.  Readington finishes 20-1 to capture regular season and tournament champs. 
Bridgewater jv boys and girls swept the season crowns going undefeated on the season. They both beat a talented crew at Hillsborough.  Nice work coaches.  
Don't forget the meeting wed. Feb. 22nd.  4:30 at Bridgewater Middle.  

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Boys Western Division Varsity Playoffs
Boys Western Finals, Wednesday, Feb. 15th at JP Case, 5pm.
#3 Franklin (62-55) vs. #1 Montgomery (60-26) 
Monday, Feb. 13th 
Semi-Finals:  Summit (52-40) at Montgomery (84-42)
                      Franklin (58-51) at Readington  (58-49) 
  Quarter Finals Thursday Feb. 9th  
    #1 Montgomery  hosts  #10 Warren Hills (41-38)
      #2 Readington hosts    #8  Hillsborough (53-27)
     #6 Ridge at #3 Franklin
       #5 Bridgewater at #4 Summit  

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    Girls Varsity Western 
    Girls Western Finals: Wednesday, Feb. 15th, at JP Case  7pm.
              #2 JP Case (48-24) vs. #1 Readington (38-36) 
Semi-Finals:  Franklin at JP Case           Monday Feb. 13th  
                      Summit at Readington   
Quarter finals Thursday Feb. 9th
1)  Readington  hosts   8) Montgomery    Readington 36-19
2)  JP Case    hosts      7) Bridgewater     Case 66-32
5) Summit at  4)  Ridge    Summit 29-25    Quarter final Thursday Feb. 9th
6) Hillsborough at 3)  Franklin                   Game is on Wed., Feb. 8th   Franklin wins 45-40
Play-in games:
Feb. 7th     7) Bridgewater hosts  10) Clinton
                  8)  Montgomery hosts 9) Warren Hills 
Tuesday results:  Bridgewater 48  Clinton 20   
                            Montgomery 36 Warren Hills 30

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Text scores or email in results.  Don't enter into website. thanks
dgordon@hcrhs.org      Dave Gordon  301-502-4422 
Eastern Division Schedule 
 Boys Finals:   Warren (away) vs. Longhill (home) at Greenbrook, Wed. Feb. 15th     5 pm  
Girls Finals: Bound Brook (away) vs. Middlesex (home) at Greenbrook                      7pm
Semi-finals  Girls Wednesday, Feb. 8th   
#1 Branchburg (40-34) hosts #4 Bound Brook (52-43)  Bound Brook wins 44-34
#2 Middlesex (50-23)  hosts #3 Valley View (32-22)    Middlesex wins 43-39
Girls: Hosts for quarter finals on Monday Feb. 6th 
1 Branchburg  hosts   8 Deerfield (41-30)
 2 Middlesex     hosts    7  N. Plainfield (40-28)
 3  Valley View   hosts   6  Warren (67-34)
 4  Bound Brook hosts  5 Longhill (43-14)
      Play-in games 2/2/17
    12  Bedminster at 5  Longhill
    11  Manville     at  6  Warren
    10  Somerville  at  7  N. Plainfield
     9   Greenbrook  at  8  Deerfield  
Boys Semi-finals:  Thursday, Feb. 9th 
#1 Longhill hosts   #4 Bound Brook   Longhill wins 65-36  
 #2  Warren hosts   #3  N. Plainfield    Warren wins 88-58
 Tuesday results:
Boys:  Longhill 48 Deerfield 45
           Bound Brook 84 Branchburg 52
           Warren 82  Middlesex 61 
            N. Plainfield 57  Greenbrook 26 
 Boys: Hosts for quarterfinals on tuesday Feb. 7th  
  1  Longhill    hosts Deerfield (44-39)
  2  Warren   hosts  Middlesex (40-30)
  3  N. Plainfield  hosts Greenbrook (69-43)
  4  Bound Brook hosts Branchburg (44-33)
Play-in games: Friday  2/3/17
     12  Bedminster  at  5  Branchburg
     11  somerville    at  6  Greenbrook
      10  Manville     at  7   Middlesex
      9   Deerfield    at  8   Valley View  

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B teams reminder:  swing players need to commit to one level or the other.  Can't play both tournaments.
Girls JV Finals  #2 Hillsborough at #1 Bridgewater, Friday Feb. 10th  
Semi-Finals: Wednesday, Feb. 8th 
#1 Bridgewater girls host #4 Warren Hills (31-17)    Bridgewater wins 48-15
#2 Hillsborough girls host #3 JP Case (29-9)           Hillsborough wins 45-12
JV Girls:    #1  Bridgewater and #2 Hillsborough host semi-finals on Wed. Feb. 8th 
monday:  #6 Readington  at  #3 JP Case (host double-header)
                #5 Clinton  at  #4  Warren Hills  
Boys JV Finals  
Semi-Finals: Wednesday, Feb. 8th
#1 Bridgewater boys host #4 Readington (50-41)    Bridgewater wins 62-25
#2 Hillsborough boys host #3 JP Case (38-24)   
JV Boys:  #1 Bridgewater  and #2 Hillsborough  host semi-finals on Wed. Feb. 8th
monday:  #6 Clinton at #3 JP Case (DH)
                #5 Warren Hills at #4 Readington 
Finals   Friday  Feb. 10th  

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 Make sure to get your final scores in for last game.  Eastern Division has a cut off of Jan. 31.  
Seeding will be posted on Tuesday night for Eastern Division games.  
      Eastern schedule:  Girl's play-in games Thursday, Feb. 2nd 
                                    Boy's play-in games  Friday,  Feb. 3rd
                                    Quarter finals:  Girls  Monday Feb. 6th,  Boys, Tuesday, Feb. 7th  
                                    Semi-finals  Girls Wed. Feb. 8th    Boys  Thursday, Feb. 9th  
            Finals:   Wednesday at Greenbrook     Feb. 15th   (Snow date Thursday at Valley View ?  ) 
Last day for makeups  February 3rd for Western Division.  

Playoffs  February 6   B-team playoffs  Boys/Girls    6@3    5@4   

February 7  A-team playoffs   Boys/Girls   10@7   9@8  

February 8   B –team semi-finals    February 9th   A-team quarter-finals

February 10th   B-team finals  (snow date 2/14)

February 13th   A-Team Semi-Finals    

February 15  A-team finals   (snow date 2/16)

League meeting at Bridgewater February 22 

CJJBL 2016-17 Schedule- Western Division

1-Annin     2- Clinton   3- Hillsborough     4- Warren Hills    5- Franklin     6- Bridgewater 

7-Montgomery     8-Summit    9- Readington   10- JP Case      Second team home for boys, girls opposite.


December 1st    Thursday   10 @ 1     6@2    3@5    8@7     4@9

December 5th    Monday     2@3    5@6    1@7    8@9    4@10  

December 7th    Wednesday   4@1    7@2    6@3    9@5    10@8

December 9th    Friday              2@1    3@4    8@6    9@7   5@10

December 13th   Tuesday         5@1    8@2    9@3    7@4    10@6

December 15th    Thursday      6@4    3@7    5@8    1@9    2@10  

December 19th     Monday       6@1   4@5    10@7    3@8    2@9

December 21st     Wednesday   2@4   7@5   9@6    1@8   3@10 

January 4th            Wednesday   5@2   1@3   7@6    4@8    10@9

January 6th             Friday             1@10   2@6    5@3    7@8    9@4 

January 10th        Tuesday           3@2   6@5    7@1    9@8    10@4  

January 12th         Thursday        1@4    2@7   3@6   5@9    8@10

January 18th         Wednesday    1@2   4@3    6@8    7@9    10@5  

January 20th         Friday              1@5    2@8    3@9    4@7    6@10

January 24th        Tuesday          4@6   7@3    8@5    9@1    10@2  

January 26th        Thursday        1@6   5@4   7@10   8@3    9@2    

January 31st         Tuesday         4@2   5@7   6@9   8@1    10@3

February 2nd     Thursday         2@5   3@1   6@7   8@4    9@10   

Last day for makeups  February 3rd 

Playoffs  February 6th  B-team playoffs  Boys/Girls    6@3    5@4   

February 7th  A-team playoffs   Boys/Girls   10@7   9@8  

February 8th   B –team semi-finals    February 9th   A-team quarter-finals

February 10th   B-team finals  (snow date 2/14)

February 13th   A-Team Semi-Finals    

February 15th  A-team finals   (snow date 2/16)

League meeting at Bridgewater February 22nd   


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We are all looking forward to another successful season.  As a reminder, the WINNING team should enter the score on the league website.  If possible please enter the score within 24 hours, as to keep the standings current.  Thank you and good luck to all the teams.   

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Minutes from meeting Feb. 17th, CJJBL at Bridgewater.
    Thanks to those that were able to make the end of season meeting for basketball.  These are some of the points discussed and actions taken regarding the league for 2016-17 season.
  •  Two new teams were accepted into the league, Warren Hills and Clinton Township. They will partcipate in the Western Division while Warren Township and Branchburg will move to the Eastern Division, thus creating a 12 team division for next season.
  • Andrew Oliveri will help with creating the schedule for the Eastern Division with other schools and should be finalized soon.
  • The Western division will have ten teams playing each team twice, for 18 game schedule.  6 schools will have "B" teams that will play a 10 game "B" schedule for the league.  Final adjustments are being made to that schedule and will be posted soon. 
  • A regular season trophy will be given to winner as well as winning team and finalist of the tournament.  MVP individual trophies will be given to one person from each team playing in final game.  T-shirts will be given to all particpants, with champions having a shirt that declares them as such.  
  • The end of season meeting is tenatively set for Wed. after President's Day and the finals will be played the week before(Feb. 13-17th).  If Bridgewater is able to host again it seemed like a central location, thanks to Kim and staff for hosting last week. 
  • Championship sites listed as JP Case for Western game and Greenbrook for Eastern game.  
  • League dues set again for $150 per school to cover both boys/girls as expenses were around $3000 for the year, which is what we took in on dues.  Leaves $3500 reserves and Bank of America will charge us 12 per month if we go below $3000 in account. 
  • Any questions or comments can be sent to me or andrew.     dave gordon  301-502-4422  dgordon@hcrhs.org

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Congratulations to Franklin Girls (54-44) and Bound Brook(59-56)
Girls for their wins in the finals yesterday. 
Shout out to the boys for their victories too.   Summit (63-56) and Long Hill (73-64) for their success.  
Thanks to the two schools that did a fantastic job of hosting the finals.  
We appreciate your efforts and hospitality.  
Don't forget the meeting next Wednesday, Feb. 17th at 4:30 at Bridgewater to review the season.  

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Congratulations to the teams who advanced to the finals next week.
Wednesday, Feb. 10th at Bridgewater Middle 
Girls:   5 pm  Montgomery at Franklin
Boys:  7 pm Summit at Bridgewater 
games at Valley View Middle
Girls:  5 pm  Bound Brook at Long Hill
 Boys:  7 pm N. Plainfield at Long Hill 

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Remember to have winning team call or text results to Dave Gordon  301-502-4422 or Andrew.
Western Div. Girls 2016 Monday Feb 1 GamesWed. 2/3/16
1. Franklin 63vs. 8. Summit 44Hillsborough at Franklin
2. Montgomery 35vs. 10. Branchburg 25Ridge 26 at Montgomery 38
3. Ridge 38vs. 6. Bridgewater 28
4. Hillsbourgh 51vs. 5. Readington 20Franklin wins 48-43
10. Branchburg at 7. Warren ?
9. JP Case 14at 8. Summit 38
Western Div. Boys 2016 Tuesday Feb. 2 GamesThursday 2/4/16
1. Bridgewater 69vs. 8. Ridge 55Hillsborough at Bridgewater
2. Summit 60vs. 7. Warren 31Franklin at Summit
3. Montgomery 44vs. 6. Hillsbourgh 52
4. Franklin 55vs.5. JP Case 53BW 54  Hills   25 
Summit 76  Franklin 33
10. Branchburg 51at 7. Warren 58
9. Readington 34at 8. Ridge 38
Eastern Div. Girls 2016 Monday Feb 1 GamesWednesday 2/3/16
1. Long Hill 38vs. 9. Bedminster 17Greenbrook at Long Hill
2. Middlesex 49vs. 7. N. Plainfield 22Bound Brook at Middlesex
3. Bound Brook 64vs. 6. Deerfield 43
4. Valley View 25vs. 5. Green Brook 62Long Hill 48 - 45 win
Boundbrook 38 - 34 win
10. Manville 10at 7. N. Plainfield 51
9. Bedminster 27at 8. Somerville 25
Eastern Div. Boys 2016 Tuesday Feb 2 GamesThursday 2/4/16
1. Long Hill 63vs. 8. Deerfield 33
Greenbrk 20 at Long Hill 40
2. Somerville 52vs. 7. Greenbrook 53N. Plainfield 43 at Boundbrook 31
3. Valley View  51vs. 6. N. Plainfield 59
4. Middlesex 39vs. 5. Bound Brook 48
10. Bedminster 13at 7. Green Brook 51
9. Manville 32at 8. Deerfield 60

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Important Dates for 2015-2016 Season:

Tuesday, December 1st        

Opening day of regular season for the Eastern Division

Wednesday, December 2nd

Opening day of the regular season for the Western Division

Tuesday, January 26th                     

Final day of regular season...no regular season games will count past this date regardless of postponements caused by snow. 

Thursday, January 28th  

Play-In Round for the Eastern & Western Division

Eastern Division:

#10 seed @#7 seed (girl’s & boy’s divisions)

#9 seed @#8 seed (girl’s & boy’s divisions)

Western Division

#10 seed @#7 seed (girl’s & boy’s divisions)

#9 seed @#8 seed (girl’s & boy’s divisions)

*Re-seeding will occur after every round in the playoffs.

Monday, February 1st                     

Girl’s playoffs- Quarterfinals

Lowest seed remaining @#1 seed

Next lowest seed remaining @#2 seed

#6 seed @#3 seed

#5 seed @#4 seed 

Tuesday, February 2nd

Boy’s playoffs- Quarterfinals

(same as above) 

Wednesday, February 3rd                

Girl’s playoffs- Semifinal round

(from remaining teams)

Lowest seed @Highest seed

Next lowest seed @next highest seed 

Thursday, February 4th

Boy’s playoffs- Semifinal round

(same as above) 

Wednesday, February 10th

Finals: Girl’s game- 5:00 PM; Boy’s game- 7:00 PM

Western Division Host- Bridgewater-Raritan Middle School

Eastern Division Host- Valley View Middle School

(higher seed wears light uniform/lower seed wears dark uniform) 

Thursday, February 11th     

Finals- Snow Date 

Friday, February 12th

Tournament of Champions

Site & Start Time- TBD (team with highest winning % during the regular season has right to host)

*Not mandatory; must be agreed on by both champions; date can change if both schools agree

Wednesday, February 17th              

League Meeting...each school must be represented

4:30   Meet and Greet, food and drink.  5 PM start

Location- Bridgewater Middle School

*Food & drinks will be provided. 


  • The higher seed will host the play-in, quarterfinal, and semifinal rounds.
  • For the entire playoffs, the league will assign officials. The host school will pay for the 2 officials, 1 scorekeeper, and 1 crowd control person during all rounds except the finals. 
  • It’s important for each school to pencil in their calendar the possibility of hosting/traveling on each of the days listed above for the playoff schedule.  Reserving gyms and securing busses are crucial to ensure that games get played on the dates established above. 

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 I look forward to another great season of CJJBL Hoops and ask that you let me know if you have any questions or concerns.  I am at Hunterdon Central    84 Rt. 31   Flemington, NJ  08822     I appreciate the work John as done with the league over the years and look forward to working with Andrew of Bedminster this season.  I have received a few checks already but if you need an invoice to process the check let me know.   It is $150 for both teams per school.    Thanks   Dave Gordon    301-502-4422   

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Congratulations to Franklin (girls) for defeating Bound Brook in the Tournament of Champions final on Friday, February 13th.  The final score was 50-31.  Congratulations to Bound Brook for a fantastic season.     

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Tournament of Champions
Friday, February 13th
Franklin vs. Bound Brook
Game time- 4:00 PM
Site- Bound Brook Rec Center
 *Both girls teams are undefeated and captured the regular and tournament titles in their division.   There will be no T of C game for the boys.   

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Congratulations to the champions of the CJJBL!
BoysEasternFinal#3 Long Hill- 46      #1 North Plainfield- 35
Girls         EasternFinal#2 Valley View- 34#1 Bound Brook- 57
Boys      WesternFinal#3 Summit- 61#1 Franklin 60 (OT)
GirlsWesternFinal#2 JP Case- 32#1 Franklin- 54

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2/6/2015GirlsEasternSemifinal#6 Green Brook- 35#1 Bound Brook 49
2/6/2015GirlsEasternSemifinal#3 Long Hill- 37#2 Valley View- 51
2/6/2015GirlsWesternSemifinal#4 Readington- 37#1 Franklin 47
2/6/2015GirlsWesternSemifinal#3 Hillsborough- 46#2 JP Case- 57
2/5/2015BoysEasternSemifinal#5 Middlesex- 54#1 North Plainfield- 71
2/5/2015BoysEasternSemifinal#3 Long Hill- 51#2 Valley View- 48
2/5/2015BoysWesternSemifinal#5 Hillsborugh- 21#1 Franklin- 54
2/5/2015BoysWesternSemifinal#3 Summit- 59#2 JP Case- 50

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2/4/2015GirlsEasternQuarterfinal#9 North Plainfield - 24#1 Bound Brook- 53
2/4/2015GirlsEasternQuarterfinal#7 Deerfield- 14#2 Valley View- 31
2/4/2015GirlsEasternQuarterfinal#6 Green Brook- 37#3 Middlesex- 33
2/4/2015GirlsEasternQuarterfinal#5 Somerville- 30#4 Long Hill- 41
2/4/2015GirlsWesternQuarterfinal#10 Ridge- 21#1 Franklin 57
2/4/2015GirlsWesternQuarterfinal#8 Summit- 31#2 JP Case- 52
2/4/2015GirlsWesternQuarterfinal#6 Bridgewater- 24#3 Hillsborough- 38
2/4/2015GirlsWesternQuarterfinal#5 Warren- 21#4 Readington- 47
2/3/2015BoysEasternQuarterfinal#8 Green Brook- 37#1 North Plainfield- 52
2/3/2015BoysEasternQuarterfinal#7 Bedminster- 44#2 Valley View- 48
2/3/2015BoysEasternQuarterfinal#6 Deerfield- 26#3 Long Hill- 40
2/3/2015BoysEasternQuarterfinal#5 Middlesex- 67#4 Somerville- 60
2/3/2015BoysWesternQuarterfinal#8 Ridge- 21#1 Franklin- 53
2/3/2015BoysWesternQuarterfinal#7 Warren- 24#2 JP Case- 66
2/3/2015BoysWesternQuarterfinal#6 Readington- 42#3 Summit- 62
2/3/2015BoysWesternQuarterfinal#5 Hillsborough- 42#4 Montgomery- 30
1/30/2015BoysEasternPlay-in#10 Manville- 45#7 Bedminster- 70
1/30/2015BoysEasternPlay-in#9 Bound Brook- 36#8 Green Brook- 53
1/30/2015GirlsEasternPlay-in#10 Bedminster- 12#7 Deerfield- 31
1/30/2015Girls EasternPlay-in#9 North Plainfield- 30#8 Manville- 14
1/30/2015Boys WesternPlay-in#10 Branchburg- 41#7 Warren- 63
1/30/2015Boys WesternPlay-in#9 Bridgewater- 31#8 Ridge- 44
1/30/2015GirlsWesternPlay-in#10 Ridge- 31#7 Montgomery- 30
1/30/2015GirlsWesternPlay-in#9 Branchburg- 37#8 Summit- 43

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